OEM ODM Nylon Plastic Gear for Robot


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OEM ODM Nylon Plastic Gear for Robot

The OEM/ODM Nylon Plastic Gear for Robot is a high-precision gear that has a hardened tooth surface. It is designed for various applications, including motorcycles, machinery, agricultural machinery, and machinery parts. The gear is an external gear that is manufactured using the cast gear method. Its toothed portion shape is a spur gear.

Product Description

The OEM/ODM Nylon Plastic Gear for Robot is made from high-quality materials such as 6061 and S45. It has undergone heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 55-60HRC. The gear is available in various sizes, and customization options are also available.

The gear is suitable for a wide range of industries, including the printing equipment industry, laser equipment industry, automated assembly line industry, woodworking industry, packaging equipment industry, logistics storage machinery industry, robot industry, and machine tool equipment industry.


1. What kind of module range can your gear make?
– Our gear can make modules ranging from 0.4 to 8M.

2. What is the hardness of your products that can be reached by heat treatment?
– The heat treatment hardness of our products varies depending on the material, but it can be within the range of HRC50-60.

3. What level of gear accuracy can your company achieve?
– Our company can achieve the highest precision of ISO 5 level, and the conventional precision is ISO 6-7 level.

4. How long is your delivery time?
– Generally, for small orders, the delivery time is 10-15 working days, but during busy seasons, it may take up to 15-30 working days. The lead time is flexible, so please contact our assistants for more information.

5. What other products does your company offer?
– EVER-POWER GROUP supplies various plastic gears used in the industry, such as plastic spur gears, plastic helical gears, plastic worm gears, plastic bevel gears, plastic pinion gears, plastic nylon gears, plastic transmission gears, plastic sprocket gears, plastic wheel gears, plastic injection gears, plastic ring gears, plastic rack gears, and more. We welcome customers to request customization based on their drawings or samples.

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