Inline Helical Gearmotor Reducer for Plastic Recycling Machine


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Inline Helical Gearmotor Reducer for Plastic Recycling Machine

The Inline Helical Gearmotor Reducer is a crucial component in plastic recycling machines. It is designed to process aluminum materials and specifically for PE plastic type. With its high efficiency and energy saving features, this gearmotor offers low energy consumption, low noise, small vibration, low temperature rise, and wide output speed range, achieving an impressive efficiency rate of 92%-96%.

Key Features:
– High efficiency and energy saving
– Wide variable range of voltage and frequency
– Modular design with strong interchangeability
– Iron or aluminum casting house for good rigidity and high strength
– Advanced gear pair design for low noise and long service life
– Free maintenance with special lubrication for 20,000 hours of normal running without oil replacement
– Easy replacement, can replace cycloid gearbox and upgrade the product

Technical Parameters:
– Type: Old Type
– Output Torque: 130N.m – 750N.m
– Output Shaft Diameter: φ22 – φ40

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1. Can the Inline Helical Gearmotor Reducer be used in other types of plastic recycling machines?
– Yes, it can be used in various plastic recycling machines as long as the material processed is compatible.

2. Is the gear tooth design of the gear pair optimized for noise reduction?
– Yes, the gear pair is processed with carburizing and quenching heat treatment, and it features a unique low noise gear tooth design.

3. How long does the lubrication last before oil replacement is needed?
– The special lubrication used in the gearmotor allows for normal running for 20,000 hours without the need for oil replacement.

4. Can the Inline Helical Gearmotor Reducer be easily replaced with a cycloid gearbox?
– Yes, it is designed for easy replacement and can be used as an upgrade for cycloid gearboxes.

5. Are your plastic gears suitable for customization based on specific requirements?
– Yes, we provide customization services based on drawings or samples to meet specific needs. Please contact us for further details.