Injection Mold 1*8 Plastic Small-Module Precision Cylindrical Spur Gear


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Injection Mold 1*8 Plastic Small-Module Precision Cylindrical Spur Gear

This injection mold is designed for producing a 1*8 plastic small-module precision cylindrical spur gear. It is made of POM plastic material and shaped using the injection molding process. The gear’s precision level reaches ISO 9 and is measured by Zeiss CMM.

Product Description

The injection mold for this small-module precision cylindrical spur gear is highly durable. It is customized according to customer requirements and offers a one-stop service from product design to assembly and product packaging. The mold cavity is multi-cavity, allowing for efficient production. The gear itself is designed for high precision and low noise transmission.

Advantages of the Gear

– High precision level (ISO 9)
– Small design deviation
– Customizable according to customer requirements
– Efficient transmission and low noise
– Durable and long-lasting

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

To install the gear, carefully align it with the corresponding components and ensure a secure fit. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity. If the gear requires repair, it is advisable to consult a professional technician or contact the original factory for assistance.

Product Classification

This gear falls under the category of high precision gears. It is designed for various applications in the automotive industry, electronics, furniture, home use, household appliances, and more.


The gear is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) plastic material, known for its excellent mechanical properties and high durability. It provides good wear resistance and dimensional stability, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Company’s Other Products

EVER-POWER GROUP offers a wide range of plastic gears used in various industries. Some of our products include plastic spur gears, plastic helical gears, plastic worm gears, plastic bevel gears, plastic pinion gears, plastic nylon gears, plastic transmission gears, plastic sprocket gears, plastic wheel gears, plastic injection gears, plastic ring gears, plastic rack gears, and more. We provide high-quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. We also welcome customizations based on drawings or samples.

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