High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear for Centrifugal Pump POM Gear Plastics Gear


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High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear for Centrifugal Pump POM Gear Plastics Gear

The High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear is a durable and reliable gear used in various industries such as motor, electric cars, motorcycle, machinery, marine, toy, agricultural machinery, and cars. It is designed with a hardened tooth surface for enhanced hardness and longevity. The gear is positioned as an external gear and manufactured using the cut gear method. It features a spur gear toothed portion shape and is made of nylon material.

Product Specifications:
– Product name: High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear for centrifugal pump
– Material: Nylon, etc.
– Size: ISO standard, customer requirements
– Bore: Finished bore, Pilot Bore, Special request
– Surface treatment: Carburizing and Quenching, Tempering, Tooth surface high quenching Hardening, Tempering
– Processing Method: Molding, Shaving, Hobbing, Drilling, Tapping, Reaming, Manual Chamfering, Grinding, etc.
– Heat Treatment: Quenching & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching, High-frequency Hardening, Carbonitriding, etc.
– Package: Wooden Case/Container and pallet, or made-to-order
– Certificate: ISO9001
– Machining Process: Gear Hobbing, Gear Milling, Gear Shaping, Gear Broaching, Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding, and Gear Lapping
– Applications: Toy, Automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, household appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment, daily living equipment, electronic sports equipment, sanitation machinery, market/hotel equipment supplies, etc.
– Testing Equipment: Rockwell hardness tester 500RA, Double mesh instrument HD-200B & 3102, Gear measurement center instrument CNC3906T, and other high precision detection equipment.

Production Process:
The High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear is manufactured using advanced production processes. It undergoes gear hobbing, gear milling, gear shaping, gear broaching, gear shaving, gear grinding, and gear lapping. These processes ensure the precision and quality of the gear.

1. Prioritized Quality
2. Integrity-based Management
3. Service Orientation
4. 150+ advanced equipment
5. 10000+ square meter factory area
6. 200+ outstanding employees
7. 90% employees have more than 10 years of working experience in our factory
8. 36 technical staff
9. Certificate ISO 9001, SGS
10. Customization support
11. After-sales support

Application Field:
The High Precision CNC Machine POM Nylon Gear is widely used in various industries such as automotive, machinery, marine, toy manufacturing, and agricultural machinery. It is suitable for applications that require a durable and reliable gear.

– Sample orders delivery time: 10-15 working days as usual, 15-20 working days in busy season
– Large order leading time: 30-40 working days as usual

1. Why should you buy products from us and not from other suppliers?
– We are a 32-year experience manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various gears and transmission parts. Our products are of high quality and suitable for after-sales replacement.

2. What services can we provide?
– Accepted Delivery Terms: FedEx, DHL, UPS
– Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, CNY
– Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
– Language Spoken: English, Chinese

3. How can we guarantee quality?
– We ensure quality through pre-production samples, final inspection before shipment, and advanced processing equipment. Our experienced technical workers accurately control the manufacturing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
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