High Performance Plastic Butterfly Valve DIN ANSI JIS Standard Level & Worm Gear Type Handle


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High Performance Plastic Butterfly Valve DIN ANSI JIS Standard Level & Worm Gear Type Handle

This high performance plastic butterfly valve is designed to handle water media. It operates in manual mode and has a flange connection form. The valve features a double-eccentric sealing structure and supercharging pressured sealed form for efficient performance. The valve stem is of normal type.

Product Description

The UPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF Butterfly Valves for Water Supply (Handle Type and Gear Type) are designed according to DIN ANSI JIS standards. They are available in sizes ranging from DN50mm to DN300mm. The valves are made from PVC-U/CPVC/PPH materials and are suitable for water supply applications. With a working pressure of 1.0 MPa, these valves are reliable and durable. The valves come in a dark grey color.

Product Material

The product material used for these butterfly valves is not mentioned in the original content.

DIMENSIONS (unit: mm)

The dimensions of the butterfly valves are not provided in the original content.

Product Show

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Our MOQ is usually 5 cartons of each size.

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