Gphq F Series Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Geared Motor Reducer for Wood and Plastics Processing


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Gphq F Series Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Geared Motor Reducer for Wood and Plastics Processing

The Gphq F Series Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Geared Motor Reducer is a high-quality gear box suitable for various applications, including motor, machinery, and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide speed changing and speed reduction functions. With its bevel layout and hardened tooth surface, it offers superior performance and durability.

Key Features:
– Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery
– Function: Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
– Layout: Bevel
– Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
– Installation: Horizontal Type
– Step: Double-Step
– Customization: Available, Customized Request

Product Introduction:
The Gphq F Series Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Reductor is a versatile gear box that can be easily fitted to all types of motors or connected with other power inputs. It is designed to accommodate motors with different power, making it suitable for various types of machines.

The gear reducer consists of 2 or 3 stages of helical gears in the same case, providing excellent transmission efficiency. The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel and undergo carburizing, quenching, and grinding processes to ensure exceptional hardness and durability.

– Output torque: 200-18000 (N.m)
– Rated power: 0.12-200 (kw)
– Input speed: ≤3000 (rpm)
– Output speed: ≤393 (rpm)
– Transmission ratio: ≥3.77
– Series: 2-3
– Mounting way: M1-M6

Motor Materials:
– Housing material: HT200 high-strength cast iron for F37,47,57,67,77,87; HT250 High strength cast iron for F97,107,127,157
– Gear material: 20CrMnTi
– Housing hardness: HBS90-240
– Surface hardness of gear: HRC58°-62°
– Gear core hardness: HRC33°-40°
– Input/Output shaft material: 40Cr
– Input/Output shaft hardness: HBS241°-286°
– Shaft at oil seal position hardness: HRC48°-55°
– Machining precision of gears material: Accurate grinding 6-5 grade
– Efficiency: up to 98%
– Noise (Max): 60-68dB
– Temperature rise: 40°C
– Vibration: ≤20um
– Motor: IP54, F class, B5 FLANGE
– Color: Blue (customizable for large quantities)

Partial Product Data:
– Reasonable price with excellent quality
– Each one tested carefully
– Clear nameplate
– Reliable package
– High efficiency, smooth running, and low noise
– Best materials for best performance

– Producing Process:
– Package: For one container, directly loading; for less, all goods with pallet.

About Us:
Taizhou Pengyuan Electrical & Mechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales of various gearbox and electric motors. Our company has accumulated rich experience in sales service and management, with a team of highly qualified technical personnel and standardized management. Our products have obtained the China national mandatory product certification, ensuring reliable quality. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly and energy-saving products.

Product Groups:
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– Vibrator motor
– Fan motor
– Water pump

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