Fishing Gear Differential Speedometer Motors Geared Hunting Metal Knob Helical Cycle Fixed Frame Plastic Cycle for Men Bicycle Hiking Outdoor Fitness


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Fishing Gear Differential Speedometer Motors Geared Hunting Metal Knob Helical Cycle Fixed Frame Plastic Cycle for Men Bicycle Hiking Outdoor Fitness

This gear is designed for various applications including motor, electric cars, motorcycle, machinery, marine, toy, agricultural machinery, and car. It features a hardened tooth surface for durability and an internal gear position. The gear is manufactured using a cast gear method and has a worm gear toothed portion shape. It is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Gear Position: Internal Gear
Manufacturing Method: Cast Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Worm Gear
Material: Stainless Steel
Samples: US$ 9999/Piece1 Piece(Min.Order)|Request Sample

Product Description

Fishing gear is used to catch fish and is essential for fishing activities. There are different types of fishing gear available, each designed for specific fish species or fishing techniques. Some common types of fishing gear include:

  • Hooks and lines: These are the most basic fishing gear consisting of a hook baited with food to attract fish and a line for reeling in the catch.
  • Nets: Nets are used to surround and catch fish. There are various types of nets such as cast nets, gill nets, and trammel nets, each suited for different fishing situations.
  • Spears: Spears are used for spearfishing, where fishermen dive underwater and stab fish directly.
  • Lures: Lures are artificial baits designed to imitate the prey of fish. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials like metal, plastic, or wood.
  • Traps: Traps are used to capture fish by entrapping them. Common types of traps include crab traps, lobster traps, and fish traps.

Fishing gear can be used in various water bodies such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. The choice of fishing gear depends on the target fish species, water body size, and the angler’s skill level.

Fishing is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by people of all ages and also serves as a significant food source worldwide. Fishing gear plays a crucial role in both recreational and commercial fishing.

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