China Manufacturers High Precision Steel Stainless Plastic Casting Double Spur Gear


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China Manufacturers High Precision Steel Stainless Plastic Casting Double Spur Gear

The China Manufacturers High Precision Steel Stainless Plastic Casting Double Spur Gear is a versatile gear that finds applications in various industries such as motor, electric cars, motorcycle, machinery, marine, toy, agricultural machinery, and cars. Its hardened tooth surface ensures durability and reliable performance. With internal gear positioning, it offers smooth and efficient power transmission.

Customization options are available, allowing you to tailor the gear to your specific requirements. The gear is made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, steel (iron), brass, and copper, depending on the design requirements of the product. It has a tolerance of ±0.01mm and can be surface-treated as per your preference.

The gear has a wide range of applications, including tool industry, automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, household appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment, daily living equipment, electronic sports equipment, light industry products, sanitation machinery, and more. It can be shaped to meet specific material and dimension demands.

Our gear undergoes 100% inspection before shipment to ensure quality. In case of any quality problems or deviations from the drawings, we offer replacements at our cost. We accept various payment terms such as T/T at sight, Paypal, Western Union, etc. The lead time for production is usually 7-15 working days, depending on the order quantity.

Why Choose Us:
1. We have professional powder metallurgy production equipment and a team.
2. We can assist customers in product development.
3. We can work with just an idea, even if you don’t know about powder metallurgy.
4. Our sales team will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours and provide estimated quotes.
5. Our team will evaluate your inquiry and provide an offer within 1-3 working days.

Order Process:
1. Send us your drawing or sample.
2. We carry out project assessment.
3. We provide you with our design for confirmation.
4. We make the sample and send it to you after confirming our design.
5. You confirm the sample, place an order, and pay the deposit.
6. We start production.
7. Once the goods are completed, you pay the balance after confirming pictures or tracking numbers.
8. The trade is done, thank you!

Additional Capabilities:
– CAD Design Services
– CAM Programming Services
– Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
– Reverse Engineering

Product Show:
[Image or description of the product show]

Some Parts We Manufacture:
– Self-Lubricated Bushing
– Structural Parts
– Gears
– [Other relevant parts]

Design Tips: Powder Metallurgy Gears
1. Radius > 0.25 mm is required to manufacture the die.
2. Helical teeth should have a helical angle < 30º to limit side pressure on the punches. 3. Introduction of a draft angle > 5º in the upper diameter reduces tooling cost.
4. The distance between tooth root and central hub diameter must be > 3 mm for robust tooling.

If you want to know more about the product, please send us a message.

The Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Process:
[Description of the manufacturing process]

1. Q: How can I get a quotation?
A: Please send us information such as drawing, material, weight, quantity, and request. We can accept PDF, ISGS, DWG, STEP file formats. If you don’t have a drawing, you can send us a sample, and we can quote based