Aokman Single Screw Helical Gear Reducer for Plastic Extruder


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Aokman Single Screw Helical Gear Reducer for Plastic Extruder – Product Description

The Aokman Single Screw Helical Gear Reducer is designed for plastic extruder applications in the machinery and industry sectors. It features a hardened gear shape with a parallel layout. The reducer is available in different customization options, allowing for a tailored solution to meet specific requirements.

The ZLYJ Series Special Reducer for Plastic Extruder offers various parameters to choose from. The low speed stage has a center distance range of 112-800mm, and the ratio can be adjusted from 6.3 to 90. The screw diameter ranges from 30 to 250mm. The reducer has an allowable output torque of 510-183600N.m and an allowable axial thrust of 35-1200kn.

The power, color, and material of the reducer can be customized according to clients’ requirements. It is available in Chinese Red or other specified colors and is made of nodular cast iron or other specified materials. The packaging can be plywood carton boxes or other specified options.

The reducer offers different cooling options, including natural cooling and auxiliary cooling devices.


– Models: ZLYJ112, ZLYJ133, ZLYJ146, ZLYJ173, ZLYJ200, ZLYJ225, ZLYJ250, ZLYJ280, ZLYJ315, ZLYJ330, ZLYJ375, ZLYJ420, ZLYJ450, ZLYJ630, ZSYJ450, ZSYJ560, ZSYJ630
– Ratio: 6.3-20 (ZLYJ Series), 22.4-100 (ZSYJ Series)
– Center Height: 130mm-630mm
– Output Bore Dia.(H8): Φ35-Φ180
– Input Shaft Dia.(m6): Φ28-Φ120

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